Google Partner in New Zealand

Google Partner in New Zealand

“Google Partner” is a Google program that acknowledges marketing agencies who have matured running Google Ads campaigns and have achieved industry recognised Ad experience. Digital marketing agencies that are Google Partners have a Google Partner badge. Having the badge means

Google Ads

As a client, to appreciate why it is essential for your digital marketing agency to wear the Google Partner badge, it’s important to know the crucial pillars of Google Ads. Google Ads is about impression, clicks, Click-Through-Rate (CTR), Cost-Per-Click (CPC) and conversions. A digital marketing agency’s job is to use its expertise and execute a strategy that increases clients’ impressions, CRT and conversions while decreasing CPC.

Choosing The Right Digital Marketing Agency 


If you want to hire a  digital marketing agency to run your online advertising campaigns, they should have the following qualified experiences meet the following criteria: 


  • Experience with running multiple campaigns. 


  • Decreasing cost-per-click (CPC) for clients while increasing impressions, clicks, CTR and conversions; and


  • Stay up to date with Google’s latest Ad developments and information


If you do not have a good understanding of digital marketing, it will be challenging to choose an agency that you know meets the above criteria. It’s hard to tell if a digital marketing agency is sufficiently experienced. This is where seeing the Google Partner badge comes in handy. 

Google Partners Badge helps to Decide

If you are a business that is ready to hire a digital marketing agency to run your Google Ads campaign, choosing an agency who a Google Partner means:


  • They have run Google Ads campaigns for years are expressed; 
  • Their specialists have been through Google approved training; and
  • They will likely save you more money in Ad costs than charge in management fees.


There are a lot of digital marketing agencies in New Zealand. Not surprisingly, businesses and companies need digital marketing services like Google Ads, but it’s next to impossible to decide which agencies to engage with. The Google Partner badge signals trust and competency.

Checking an Agency’s Google Partner Credentials

If a digital marketing agency is a Google Partner, often they do an excellent job of showcasing it. Agencies who are Google Partners often add the badge to their website – a case in point is us. When you click on the badge, it will redirect you to a Google page where you can check the agency’s information, credentials and authenticate whether they are indeed Google Partners. Make sure the information mentioned on the page matches the agency’s information.

Google Partner in New Zealand

Are other agencies incapable of advertising on Google?

All agencies can advertise on Google, and everyone has to start from somewhere. But not all digital marketing agencies are equal, and fees are not necessarily indicative of experience, capability, care, and proficiency. Expensive agencies can cater to their clients poorly and more affordable agencies and execute brilliant digital marketing campaigns, whether SEO, Google Ad and/or social media marketing. 

V Digital Marketing is a Google Partner

We are a Google Partner. Our Google Ads specialists have undergone Google partners learning and training. They have attained Google Partner qualifications. We have worked on hundreds of campaigns and know how to increase clients’ impressions, clicks, CTR, and decrease CPC. All this means your Google Ads budget will stretch further with more clicks and conversions. 


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