Top 7 Remarketing Companies in Auckland

What is remarketing?

First, let’s explain what remarketing is. When we talk about remarketing, you might think of those spam pop-ups that appear on your screen when you visit a website that forces you to accept enough cookies to feed a hungry cow, or those push notifications you see on your phone. But remarketing is not always like that.

Remarketing is a technique used by marketers to attract the audience once engaged with your content or products.

Just like any other type of marketing it doesn’t have to be spammy, for example you may have seen a youtube ad from a digital marketing agency that you recently visited one of their landing pages, Or a Google ad from a website that you subscribed to their newsletter.

Remarketing, if performed correctly, has a high conversion rate, meaning, it’s more possible for the target audience to purchase a service or a product from a brand they have encountered in the past.

Using the right tool and data, with remarketing you can create loyal customers. 

Now that we know what remarketing is and its importance, let’s take a look at some of the top remarketing agencies in Auckland.


V Digital Marketing

VDigitalMarketing offers a lot of services, including social media marketing, google ads and SEO. They use remarketing techniques especially with their google ads services.

They are one of the best digital marketing agencies when it comes to Google Ads Management and as a Google Partner in New Zealand, they definitely know the importance of using remarketing techniques and methods to increase sales and conversion.


Digital Eagle


Digital Eagle offers digital marketing services specialising mainly in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), Social Media and Web Design. 


They’ve completed many digital marketing projects and their blog bank suggest a high level of expertise. Note that their website does not show a remarketing service. The reason for this is remarking is often bundled in other digital marketing services. Perhaps pay per click, social media ad campaign or web design. 


Remarking often is not a stand alone service that can be offered and Digital Eagle shows this. Website and online platforms need to, foremost, be ready to accept, convert and track traffic. Otherwise a remarketing campaign is, well, useless. 


Digital Eagle will most likely review your website and/or other online platforms, implement the necessary changes, and launch advertising to attract traffic. Part of that advertising campaign will include remarking. 


Flow Marketing

This Auckland-based Google partner introduces  themselves in a brief paragraph on their website and has this to say about their services:

At Flow, we take our time to make sure you get value from every marketing dollar spent. We take an agile approach to our clients’ campaigns, starting with a small budget and learning and adjusting as your remarketing progresses.

We value long-term relationships with our clients, which is why we work alongside you openly and transparently.


Harper Digital

Harper Digital is another cost effective digital marketing agency that provides remarketing services.

Almost all the companies offering these services aim to increase conversion. Harper Digital has this to say about their remarketing techniques and services” Remarketing (aka retargeting) is a very popular way of advertising amongst NZ businesses. It’s an online advertising technique designed to get your message back in front of a visitor who has already visited your website or shown interest in your business.

Once they have visited your website or Facebook page, we can serve your targeted banner advertisements to potential customers as they surf the web. This is designed to reinforce your brand message and keep people coming back to your website to make a purchase or contact your business.

Remarketing is an extremely cost-effective strategy which when combined with Search Engine Marketing can increase conversion rates and help develop brand trust and recognition.”


Firefly Digital

When it comes to digital marketing agencies in New Zealand, the name Firefly is always in the top ten list.

You can find remarketing services amongst the long list of the services they provide. The specialists at Firefly digital amplify the importance remarketing at generating conversions and say this about their services: 

Remarketing allows you a second chance at capturing visitors to your website. You might think of it as a backup plan for if the initial clickthrough of a customer to your website didn’t generate leads or sales. Remarketing allows you to track the online activity of visitors to your site so that after they leave, your business can place highly specific retargeted ads to pop up elsewhere during their internet browsing session. Remarketing services use technology to deploy anonymous browser cookies that track users’ activity and allow for your brand to refresh itself in the mind of the customer.


Digital Squad

Digital squad is one of the pioneers when it comes to digital marketing in New Zealand. They are one of the companies that can help you increase your sales or leads, using remarketing techniques. In a short quote they had this to say about remarketing “ Retargeted ads remind website visitors and interested readers about your brand. When customers see your business for a second or third time online, they are more likely to make a purchase.”



Verum digital marketing is a creative agency with a unique taste in ad copies and copy writing, they explain the importance of remarketing for online businesses in this short paragraph: 


We’ve all had moments where we’ve been looking for a pair of shoes or that next fishing road, or even the dream boat and all of a sudden feel like we are being followed around on the internet. Remarketing is 10x more effective than traditional advertising as your ads are only displayed to individuals that are actively interested in your product or service.


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