Digital Marketing for Dunedin’s Businesses: Why Local SEO Counts


Digital marketing is one of the most effective ways to expand your business and get ahead of your competition. The internet has changed the game for local businesses, giving them free access to an audience they might not otherwise be able to reach. However, with so many options out there it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to digital marketing. That’s why we’re here! Today we’ll cover everything you need to know about local SEO in Dunedin: why it matters, how it works and what steps you can take right now.

Why Is Local SEO Important for Your Business?

Local SEO is important for your business because it helps you rank in local search results. Local SEO is more effective than national SEO, which means that if you’re a brick-and-mortar business, your site will be placed higher on Google when someone searches for keywords related to what you do. This can lead to more organic traffic and an increase in sales as well as new customers looking for what they need in their area!

Local search engine optimization also works because people are often looking for something specific when they use their phones or laptops–they want results that are relevant and useful rather than generic ones from all over the world (like those found on traditional search engines). If someone’s searching “Dunedin restaurants” on their phone while standing outside one of these establishments, then chances are good that person wants information about those particular establishments before making any decisions about where they’ll eat dinner tonight–and wouldn’t it be nice if there were some way we could help guide them?

How Does Local SEO Work?

Local SEO is a specialized type of search engine optimization that helps businesses rank higher in local search results. It’s important because, unlike general SEO (which focuses on optimizing your website and content), most people only use their smartphones to find services or products in their immediate area. If you want your business to be visible online, you need to make sure it shows up in Google Maps and other relevant listings when someone searches for something within a certain radius of where they live or work.

Local Search Engines Have Their Own Algorithm:

The algorithm behind local search engines is different from other types of algorithms because it takes into account more factors than just keywords used in titles and meta descriptions; instead, it relies heavily on location details like city name + state/province/country names as well as exact addresses when displayed on business listings pages like Yelp & Yellow Pages Online (YPO). This means if you don’t have accurate information about yourself listed on these sites’ databases — including complete contact information such as phone numbers & email addresses — then even if someone does type one word related specifically back here again later down line during some unrelated internet research session which happens randomly looking up something else entirely unrelated altogether… well then chances are still slim chance anyway since nobody would know how

What Should I Include in My Local SEO Strategy?

In addition to including all of the elements of a traditional SEO strategy, you’ll want to make sure that your site is mobile-friendly.

  • Mobile-Friendly Websites – The majority of people use smartphones and tablets for online searches these days, so it’s important for your website’s design to be optimized for these devices. If you don’t have a responsive design yet or need help upgrading yours, ask us about our affordable website redesign services!
  • Keywords – Optimizing keyword usage on local businesses’ websites is another important part of local SEO strategy. Keyword research will help determine which words are most commonly used by potential customers when searching for products or services like yours–and then incorporate those terms into relevant pages on your site (such as landing pages). This helps ensure that users who come across them will see exactly what they’re looking for without having any doubts about where they should go next–or whether they’ve found the right place at all!

How Can I Optimize for Local SEO in Dunedin and Beyond?

The first step to optimizing your website for local SEO is to ensure that it’s well optimized. This means making sure your site is mobile-friendly, fast loading and has a high-quality design. You can also do this by using markup on the page, which will help Google understand what type of content you’re publishing and make it easier for users who are interested in that information to find what they’re looking for on SERPs (search engine results pages).

Google My Business gives businesses access to tools like business listings, reviews and more so they can connect with customers in their area or region–and people who have been looking specifically for businesses like yours online! By adding photos and descriptions about yourself along with hours of operation (including holiday hours), phone number(s), address(es) etc., you’ll be able to reach more potential clients through organic search results without paying anything extra beyond what would normally go toward running an ad campaign about your services/products/branding message itself.”

If you’re looking to expand your company, digital marketing is an essential tool.

If you’re looking to expand your company, digital marketing is an essential tool. It’s easy to set up and maintain, and it can help you grow your business in a variety of ways. Digital marketing also has the added benefit of being cost-effective compared with other forms of advertising such as traditional print ads or television commercials.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Dunedin businesses can use local SEO for their own benefit, contact us today!


Now that we’ve covered the basics of local SEO and how it can help your business, it’s time to get started! If you’re looking for more information on how to optimize your website for local search, check out our resources below. We also recommend checking out some other great articles from our blog like “How to Boost Your Website Rankings with Content Marketing” or “The Importance of Having a Mobile-Friendly Website.”

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