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Evergreen content is a special tool in the hands of every professional digital marketer. In your role as an SEO specialist, digital marketer, marketing manager, or content creator, your goal is to get maximum engagement through the creation of quality content.  But why do some sites perform so much better than others?  One of the answers is that they are littered with Evergreen Content.  In this article we introduce you to the concept of evergreen content, why it’s important, and offer helpful insights and inspiration for your next piece of content. 

So, what does ‘Evergreen Content’ even mean?

Evergreen Content refers to timeless content that continues to add value to your reader over an extended period of time.

‘Evergreen’ refers to the natural environment, particularly trees, those helpful things that provide the oxygen we need to survive (besides homes for animals, and a valuable carbon sink).  And they’re either deciduous or evergreen.  A deciduous tree offers a seasonal, attention-grabbing show, whilst the evergreen provides a continuous source of greenery, shelter, and oxygen.

And that’s where we draw our parallel.  Evergreen content provides a constant source of life and engagement for the performance of your website.  

So why is Evergreen Content so important?  

Producing evergreen content will help you win the long game in the digital world, and it’s a great way to work smarter, not harder.  The reasons are compelling; consider these:

  • Google Rankings.  Evergreen content remains useful and informative over time, attracting long-term traffic which Google interprets as ‘authority’ and giving it a higher ranking.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) benefits: Evergreen content tends to rank well in search engine results because you are answering common questions and providing timeless information.
  • Credibility.  You are showcasing your industry knowledge and expertise which creates trust and authority.
  • Saves time and money! Evergreen content provides long-term value, reducing the time spent on regular content creation, and maximising the return on time spent.
  • Reuse and recycle! You can reuse evergreen content for other formats such as videos, infographics, podcasts, or eBooks to reach different audiences across multiple platforms.
  • Keep old friends and win new ones. Great content connects instantly, but a great piece of evergreen content will continue to connect long past the day it was born into the digital matrix.  
  • The gift that keeps giving.  Potential customers may find you through the content you produced years ago because it was still relevant and helpful today.

Types of Evergreen Content

Evergreen content doesn’t translate as boring content.  There are a lot of options, and all can be written in a variety of ways.For example a comprehensive resource or quick-read, a serious or light-hearted tone, an academic piece, or layman’s terms. 

Evergreen Content Examples

Content TypeDescription
Case StudiesSharing real-life case studies that highlight successful strategies, techniques, or experiences are the ‘gold standard’ of evergreen content. A tangible example that showcases your value can’t be outdated.
How-to GuidesA step-by-step guide that teaches your audience how to do something, like a timeless skill or task that people frequently search for.
Ultimate ListsWho doesn’t love a good list? Be it “10 Must-Haves” or “25 Classics,” these lists tickle the human desire for knowledge and create shareable gems.
Expert InterviewsConversations with industry experts are heavy hitters. By nature, it’s collaborative, and each of the participants can use the interview to ‘backlink’ to one another’s websites.
FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)Compile a list of common questions related to your industry or niche and provide detailed answers.
Beginner’s GuidesCraft beginner’s guides to introduce newcomers to your field or industry. These guides should cover the basics and provide a solid foundation of knowledge.
Historical OverviewsCreating content that explores the history and evolution of a topic or industry provides valuable context and a reference for years to come.
GlossariesIs your industry full of jargon that creates confusion or becomes a barrier? Offering glossaries or dictionaries that define key terms, jargon, or technical language offers long-term value (and welcome relief) for beginners and experts.
“Ultimate” or Definitive GuidesThese are comprehensive guides that cover a specific topic in great detail. These guides should aim to be the most comprehensive and authoritative resource available on the subject.


Remember, while evergreen content remains relevant for a long time, it’s still important to run a ‘maintenance check’ occasionally to ensure accuracy and keep up with industry trends or changes.

The Three Golden Rules of Evergreen Content

These are worth keeping at the top of your mind when writing a piece of evergreen content. So that it’s still relevant and valuable long after you’ve published it.

  1. Avoid shock-value celebrity misdemeanours. Any trending topics, current events, pop-culture references are fickle, high-maintenance pieces of content that quickly become irrelevant or need correcting (and sometimes removing to avoid the swing of public opinion).
  2. Do your keyword research: Conducting keyword research on topics with a consistently high search volume is a smart move. Respond to your audiences’ questions and you will improve your visibility and attract organic traffic for an extended period.
  3. Date-stamping words like ‘soon’, ‘new’, ‘next month’, and ‘last year’ are off the table.  However, using actual dates when discussing a historic event is fine.

Don’t throw away your ‘deciduous’ content!!

Variety is the spice of digital life, and while we are extolling the virtues of evergreen content, we’re not suggesting you burn the rest!  All your seasonal content, trending topics, and satirical pokes at the political landscape can really pack a digital punch.  But like deciduous trees that shows off during a particular season, it’ll need cleaning up after the show (and maybe a regular prune).  Remember – what we were shocked about two years ago is now just another day in paradise.


Evergreen content is a necessity for the performance of your website and the credibility of your business.  It pays off in the long term by adding value that will be read and shared. Think of it as an evergreen tree – providing the oxygen needed to survive and thrive in the digital world.

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