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In this article we are going to cover how you can use Youtube for your business. As you know, YouTube, with 122 million active users daily, is one of the greatest social media platforms. Not only that but people also use YouTube as a search engine.

What this means is whether they are looking for a recipe to cook a meal or to learn how to change their flat tires they are using YouTube as a platform to reach their answers.


 YouTube throughout the buyer’s journey

As you may know, buyer’s journey is one of the most important concepts of marketing and sales.

The steps the customer takes before making a purchase is called Buyer’s journey. And it includes awareness, consideration and decision.

So where does YouTube fit in this funnel? All of it.

You can use Youtube to communicate with the target audience no matter which step of the funnel they are in.

It can be used for brand awareness as it does in 6 second bumper ads. It can be used to engage with the customers in the consideration step; as it does with true view ads. And it can be used in a lot of different ways to drive the target audience to take desirable actions.

Take the Nike brand as an example. They have used YouTube as an advertising platform for their brand awareness with 6 second ads. Then with ads about their specific products they engaged with the target audience in the consideration step. And then using call to actions they engaged with the target audience who are looking to make a purchase.

YouTube as a free marketing platform

So we talked about using advertisements for different steps of funnel to engage with the audience; but is there a way to use YouTube as a platform to market our product and services for free?

If you’ve ever spent some time on YouTube you know that after a couple of hours you may find yourself watching videos that you didn’t expect. This is one of the reasons that we’re sure if the quality of the video and your content is good, people will watch it.

You can find content about almost all kinds of jobs and services. Plumbers, lawyers, real estate agents and miners, there’s a YouTube channel for everything.

Offer real value

If you want to use YouTube as a free marketing platform, make sure that you create content on a regular basis; and don’t forget to offer real value. If you offer real value, people will remember your brand.

Don’t forget to give links to your website

You can use YouTube as a source to generate high quality leads for your website. we have videos published years ago that are still bringing us new customers and generating revenue. So don’t forget to link your website to your YouTube channel. The number of people coming to your website through your YouTube channel will surprise you.

YouTube for businesses offering services

If your business offers services, there are a lot of things you can showcase on your YouTube channel.

You can show the different steps of your service, you can talk about the process of your work, you can teach them things they can do without purchasing your services, etc. for this kind of business it’s a good thing to have a person in the videos talking directly to the camera. This has been proved that most people engage with videos that have a person in them.

YouTube for businesses offering products

Show your products to the viewers, show them how your product is used and what problems your product solves. Show them how your product makes life easier for them.

If you’re making a video showcasing the product, it’s good for that video to have a fast pace.

Show the product in the first 3 seconds of the video and make sure to have the product in a close up where it can be seen clearly.



All businesses can benefit from YouTube as a free platform, but as we always say, if you are in a hurry to gain profit, paid marketing is the fastest way to achieve that. But don’t forget that having an online presence in YouTube can help your brand by creating connections to your target audience and offering solutions to engage with them in the consideration step. So if you are not already on YouTube, create a YouTube channel for your business today.

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